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Yesika Horton

Yesika was raised in DeSoto, Texas and moved to Denton in 2002 to pursue her education at the University of North Texas. She fell in love with the Denton community and has been happy to call Denton her home for the last 21 years. Yesika is the owner of Spread Happiness Nut Butters and has been a vendor at the Denton Community Market since the fall of 2018.

Spread Happiness Nut Butters was created as a way to provide the local community with a healthy alternative to store-bought nut butters which usually contain added oils, salts, and a large amount of sugar. She strives to keep minimal ingredients added to her products, as well as provide allergen friendly options to her customers. Growing up Yesika always had a love for food and a passion for creating unique and healthier options for her friends and family to eat. What started as a side gig quickly turned into a full-time business in which Yesika has solely operated since 2018.

Giving back to the Denton community has always been an important part of being a business owner to Yesika. She has worked with various organizations to donate peanut butter and nut butters to those in need, especially over the last few years during the pandemic. Yesika has always been a huge supporter of local small businesses and is excited to be able to be a voice and advocate for the vendors of Denton Community Market.


Spread Happiness Nut Butters

Vendor Board Member

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